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Minecraft server coming soon,,,

Coming Soon..

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All Minecraft Player Commands

All players have access to:

  • /home bed

    • Once you set your respawn point with a bed you can teleport to that bed using this command.

  • /sethome [name of home]

    • Sets your home tp and its name

  • /home [name of home]

    • This command allows you to tp to the home you have set.

  • /warp 

    • Displays a list of the active server warps.

    • For players to use a warp the command /warp [warp name].

  • /spawn

    • Teleports a player to spawn.

  • /tpa [username]

    • This command sends a teleportation request to another player.

    • To accept the tp request you would use /tpa accept.

    • To deny the tp request you would use /tpa deny.

  • /tpahere [username]

    • Sends a request for another player to tp to you.

  • /afk

    • Sets you in AFK mode and displays that you are AFK in tab.

  • /motd

    • Displays the message of the day.

  • /helpop

    • Allows players to send a message directly to staff.

    • This is only to be used when you have already attempted to get attention from online staff.

  • /mail [read, send, and clear.]

    • /mail read - will display any mail messages you may have.

    • /mail send [username] [message] - This will send a permanent mail until the player deletes it. Works for offline players

    • /mail clear - will remove any mails you may have.

  • /msg [username]

    • Allows a player to message another player/staff privately.

    • Once you use /msg with one player you can reply by using 

/r [message].